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Griffolyn Type-85

Reef Industries, Inc.

Griffolyn Type-85

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Vapor Retarder (Class I) Vapor Retarder (Class I)

Mechanically Attached Mechanically Attached

Polymer Polymer

Ceiling, Sloped Roof, Wall Ceiling, Sloped Roof, Wall

Concrete, Masonry Concrete, Masonry

Design Options

Product Description

Griffolyn roof vapor retarder and barrier system withstands extreme temperatures and is highly resistant to punctures and tears. Griffolyn Type-85 is a 5-ply laminate combining three layers of high density polyethylene and two high-strength cord grids.

Sheet Width


Standard Sizes: 4' 0", 4' 4", 4' 8", 5' 0", 5' 4", 5' 8", 6' 0"



Sheet Length



Standard Sizes: 8' 4"




Manufacturer Design Notes

It is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material.

Performance Data

Air Permeance

Rate of airflow through the barrier per square foot at a specified pressure difference

Product Weight Per Area

Roll Tensile Strength

Weight needed to break the roll, per inch of width

Water Vapor Transmission

An imperial perm is defined as 1 grain of water vapor per hour, per square foot, per inch of mercury

perm (imperial)


Minimum Temperature Rating

The lowest temperature that the product has been confirmed to still function at.



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