Advanced Rock Technologies Rock Panels Cultured Stone Masonry

  • Aesthetic Type
    Aesthetic Type
    Stone Masonry
  • Material
    Cultured Stone
  • Installation Method
    Installation Method
    Adhered Stone Veneer
  • Wind Properties
    Wind Properties
    Withstands High Wind Speeds (>100 mph)
Andre Baros

Andre Baros

Licensed Architect, AIA

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Design Options

Product Description

Rock Panels combine the rugged texture of split face granite with the individuality of broken stones. The set of 4 panels are each unique in pattern and color, making the finished wall appearance completely random.


Standard Sizes

Width: 2' 0", 2' 0-1/4", 2' 7-1/8"

Height: 3' 10-3/4", 3' 11", 4' 1-7/8"

Custom Sizes


Standard Sizes: 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4"


Black Hills Stone

Black Hills Stone

Black Hills Stone 

Performance Data

Withstand Windspeed Up To

Miles Per Hour


Weight Per Area

Pounds per Square Foot

6, 7, 7.9

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