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Your resource for getting started on Acelab. Browse tutorials that walk you through Acelab’s features include product search, compare, finding construction details, and more.

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Acelab Overview


Discover everything that Acelab has to offer.

How to Request Missing Product Data


Learn how to fill in blanks by requesting product data from any manufacturer on Acelab.

How to Request Price Quotes, Lead Times, & Samples


Get exactly the information you need at the click of a button

How to Find Specific Manufacturers


Know exactly what you're looking for? Learn how to bypass the search process and go straight to a manufacturer page

How to Save a Search


Learn how to save your research on Acelab so you can pick up where you left off

How to Compare Products


Learn how to view product data side by side so you can compare them apples to apples

How to Invite Collaborators


Add teammates to your projects on Acelab so you can easily collaborate on product research.

How to See Recent Search Activity


Forgot to save a search? No worries - all your recent search history is available on Acelab. Watch this video to learn how to find it!

How to Create a Project


Upload projects to Acelab in a few easy clicks to keep all your product research organized

How to Search for Products


Find the best products for your projects with Acelab's ProductAdvisor

How to Shortlist Products


Save products to your projects & build your firm's integrated digital product library