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Top Architectural Research Trends in 2023, with an Overview on EPD's


Most Asked: Durability

Durability is tricky to capture in data, but it was a common question among people who reached out to us directly through our ProductConcierge service (where most of the questions are pretty unique!). Some products use warranties as a metric which you can use to compare claims of durability. Others use standards and tests agreed upon through the industry or by building codes. One durability standard we've seen searched for lately is FGIA/AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440. That mouthful of a standard classifies windows into AW, CW, LC, and R. Each is a level of performance of windows which you can use to evaluate the relative durability of similar windows. Windows have been one of our most popular searches, and you can explore all window products here.

Here are some windows high performance windows we like:

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Most Requested: EPD's

Our search filter that only includes products with an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) got a lot of use last year. Even though EPD’s are not new, we see how this important product transparency tool is steadily treading upward in searches. Based on user demand, we are on the lookout to add more EPD’s to our website for products and product categories when manufacturers have them, and reach out to manufacturers to make more available. Keep reading in the details below to learn how EPDs can be of value to your projects.

Here are some examples of products which include helpful EPDs.

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Most Searched: Cladding

Our most searched category in 2023 was cladding, which happens to be one of the first sections we brought to our platform. We already have about 7,000 products available under the common theme of “products you attach to the exterior of your building”. If you don't find what you're looking for there, consider our Masonry search. It compliments our Cladding search but is broken out by materials which are attached to the building with mortar. Brick, stone, synthetic stone, and all types of stucco. We also have cladding support systems, insulation, and barriers which you can also search through, so you can find every part of your wall assembly.

Clearly people have found our cladding search tool, here are some searches of our cladding support systems for you to test drive:

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