Five Things Every Custom Home Ought to Have

Condensation Energy Use Insulation Air Barriers Water Management Ventilation

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Part of what makes licensed professionals so valuable is the ability to respond thoughtfully to different climates, aesthetic preferences, client expectations regarding performance and maintenance, and budgets.  That said, there are some elements of the enclosure and mechanical system that merit serious consideration for every custom home.  These include (1) a high-quality water and air control membrane, (2) a drainage mat or dedicated space in front of the WRB for drainage and drying, (3) a conditioned attic, (4) a balanced ventilation system with dedicated (independent) dehumidification, and (5) an architect!  This course discusses how each of these considerations contributes to energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and durability.

Course Instructor Christine Williamson

Course Length 10:00

Published 14 Jul 2022

Please note: viewing this course and completing this quiz do not currently count towards AIA CEU credits.

Keywords: building science, insulation, energy, energy efficiency, condensation control, air barriers, vapor barriers, drainage, WRB, water resistive barrier, fluid membrane, custom home, residential design


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