Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Love Air Barriers

Air Barriers Energy Use

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The most obvious thing to love about air barriers is their contribution to energy efficiency: the better we are at separating the inside from the outside, the less energy we require to condition the interior space. But air barriers also make substantial, noticeable contributions to occupant comfort, including improved indoor air quality, acoustic control, and thermal comfort. This short presentation describes the advantages of air tightness, outlines how it is measured, and reviews the most critical design details to achieve the best results.

Course Instructor Christine Williamson

Course Length 14:10

Published 18 Aug 2022

Please note: viewing this course and completing this quiz do not currently count towards AIA CEU credits.

Keywords: Air barrier, air tightness, building science, energy efficiency, leaky buildings, indoor air quality, acoustics, comfort, enclosure design, detailing


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