The Controversy Over Stucco Explained

Ventilation Water Management

Course Description

The building codes (IRC and IBC) have long required a water-resistive barrier (WRB) membrane in drained walls, but code provisions related to drainage and ventilation (drying) continue to evolve in response to the complexity of modern materials and the combinations in which we use them. This is particularly true of stucco and adhered stone clad walls, where code provisions have proved inadequate to protect our buildings from pervasive (and extremely costly) water-related failures. This presentation discusses the physics behind the failures, the recent improvements to the code provisions related to drainage and drying behind these claddings, and explains how (and why) the codes still fall short.

Course Instructor Christine Williamson

Course Length 19:50

Published 18 Aug 2022

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Keywords: Stucco, drainage, ventilation, drying, rot, WRB, water-resistive barrier, adhered stone, building code, water management, building science


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