The Three Fundamental Ways Walls Manage Water

Water Management

Course Description

Walls manage water in three fundamentally different ways: storage (mass walls), exclusion (perfect barrier walls), and drainage (drained walls).  While there is no “best” approach to water management — each of these three strategies is entirely valid — it is certainly true that one approach or another may be more appropriate in the context of a specific project with a particular aesthetic, material palette, and performance objectives.  This short course describes the three approaches to water management in walls and explains how water management is best understood as a system as opposed to a feature of any single component or building material. 

Course Instructor Christine Williamson

Course Length 8:20

AIA Credits 0.25 LU|HSW

Published 29 Mar 2022

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Christine Williamson - Assoc. AIA

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Christine Williamson has spent her career in building science forensics, discovering why buildings fail and working with owners, architects, and builders to remedy the problems. She is the founder of the Instagram account @BuildingScienceFightClub, an educational project that teaches architects about building science and construction.