Why You Should Think Twice About Attached Garages


Course Description

Attached garages can be enormous contributors to poor indoor air quality, but they are also enormously popular! This course takes a disciplined look at pollutants and indoor air quality, outlining how attached garages in particular are risky and presents the design strategies that can minimize that risk. Perhaps the most surprising, under-appreciated component of improving indoor air quality is controlling not just the pathways that connect pollutants and occupants, but in controlling the pressure relationships in buildings.

Course Instructor Christine Williamson

Course Length 13:15

Published 12 Aug 2022

Please note: viewing this course and completing this quiz do not currently count towards AIA CEU credits.

Keywords: building science, indoor air quality, attached garages, pollutants, ventilation


About Building Science Fight Club

Christine Williamson - Assoc. AIA

Building Scientist | Instructor

Christine Williamson has spent her career in building science forensics, discovering why buildings fail and working with owners, architects, and builders to remedy the problems. She is the founder of the Instagram account @BuildingScienceFightClub, an educational project that teaches architects about building science and construction.