Rainscreen Systems and the Building Code

Bo Lotozo

Master rainscreen design and construction! In this exclusive Acelab webinar, StoVentec's Kate Abudarham, a Rainscreen Product Expert, dives deep into:

Understanding Rainscreens: We'll define rainscreen systems and explore the different building control & rainscreen layers.

Building Code Compliance: Discover the latest trends in building code requirements, standards, and testing for rainscreen systems.

Future-Proofing Your Project: Learn how to integrate building codes & testing into your rainscreen design and prepare for upcoming code changes.

Specifying Rainscreens: Gain insights into the rainscreen specification process for optimal performance.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity! Watch the recording now and unlock the potential of rainscreens for your next project.

*Note: Watching this recording will not allow you to earn CEU credits. Learning credits are provided for attendance of live sessions only

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