Rooftop Snow Retention - Solving The Mystery with Facts

Acelab Team

In this free exclusive webinar, Mindy Dahlquist, Product Expert at TRA Snow and Sun, will share exclusive insights on the following learning objectives:

  • Explore the profound risks associated with heavy snow on roofs, including structural damage, potential collapse, and safety hazards to occupants and passersby alike.

  • Dive deep into the nuanced process of comparing various snow retention solutions, considering factors such as efficacy, durability, and aesthetic impact.

  • Discover cutting-edge modern systems engineered to provide both effectiveness and safety in snow retention, leveraging advanced materials and innovative design principles.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate engineering behind snow retention devices and layouts, including load calculations, spacing considerations, and installation best practices.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity! Watch the recording now and unlock the potential of TRA Snow and Sun, for your next project.

*Note: Watching this recording will not allow you to earn CEU credits. Learning credits are provided for attendance of live sessions only.

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