Unlocking Sustainable Design: Navigating Building Codes, Energy Efficiency, Thermal Resilience, and Rainscreen Assembly Strategies

Acelab Team

Join us for an insightful webinar that delves into the core principles of sustainable design and construction. This session is tailored for architects, engineers, builders, and sustainability professionals who are committed to creating environmentally responsible and energy-efficient buildings.

In this webinar, our expert panel will explore:

  • Building Codes: Understanding and navigating the latest building codes to ensure compliance and sustainability.

  • Energy Efficiency: Strategies to enhance energy efficiency in building design, from insulation to smart technologies.

  • Thermal Resilience: Techniques for improving the thermal performance of buildings to withstand varying climate conditions.

  • Rainscreen Assembly: Best practices for designing and implementing rainscreen systems that protect buildings from moisture while enhancing thermal efficiency.

Participants will gain practical insights and actionable strategies to integrate sustainable practices into their projects, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and eco-friendlier built environment.

*Note: Watching this recording will not allow you to earn CEU credits. Learning credits are provided for attendance of live sessions only.

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