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Adex is a leading Canadian manufacturer of quality architectural coatings. While being reminiscent of the old stucco look, Adex offers much more than an acrylic coating, we offer a range of solutions for the building envelope. In addition to providing a unique look to buildings, our systems seal and insulate the envelope resulting in remarkable energy efficiency.
Andre Baros

Andre Baros

Licensed Architect, AIA

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ADEX EIFS finish coats are available in an unlimited range of colours and in a wide variety of textures. Aside from 300 standard colours, custom matching is also available. This allows building owners to choose specific corporate colours, or unique one-of-a-kind colours for their projects. The design possibilities are endless.


EIFS is an acronym that stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. It is a non-load bearing, composite cladding system that consists of a liquid applied weather resistant barrier (LA-WRB) (air and/or vapour barrier); an insulation board attached either adhesively, mechanically, or both, to the substrate; an integrally reinforced base coat; and a textured protective finish coat.

Secondary WRB membrane

ADEX EIFS include a trowel applied secondary liquid-applied weather-resistive barrier (LA-WRB) membranes to protect the substrate from damage. ADEX basecoat, finish coats and roll-on coatings are all vapour permeable (breathable) components. This characteristic allows moisture (vapour) to dissipate through the materials; exiting the system.

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About ADEX Systems

Our sense of innovation and expertise within the EIFS industry have been ideally suited to address the demands of the design community and building professionals in Canada.

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