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Acemar is one of Colombia´s finest manufacturers of interior hardwood veneered doors. Acemar's Supreme Doors are perfect for every project, offering sophisticated home atmospheres, reliability, and confidence.
Andre Baros

Andre Baros

Licensed Architect, AIA

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Belmira Series

Belmira Series

Belmira Series is the perfect combination between wood and glass. Aesthetic finish and versatility make it the most requested by home owners, architects, interior designers and contractors.

Frontino Series

Frontino Series

The FRONTINO series has a high-tech internal structure that makes it an excellent alternative to meet the needs of home owners, architects, interior designers and contractors.

Hotel And Auditorium Door Series

Hotel And Auditorium Door Series

Specially designed doors for hotels where acoustic and fire rated featured are combined following requested standards. 20 min, 30 min, Fire Rated Options.


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About Acemar

Acemar's products are distinguishes for innovation, tradition, technology and competitiveness.

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