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CLADIATOR® is a manufacturer of thermally isolated cladding support systems. Our mission is to accelerate the advancement of smart building design & construction by providing unique and cleverly engineered systems.

For Architects & Engineers it means a simple yet robust solution where one core design offers the freedom of limitless creativity. For Installers, working with intuitive installation components means faster, more cost-effective, and ease-of-mind options to complete projects on time.

Our universal systems offer improved thermal efficiencies by using energy efficient materials and achieve optimal air & moisture ventilation. We remain dedicated and driven by our commitment to continuous improvement.
Tolga Bilge

Tolga Bilge

Vice President of Operations

Innovative Insulation Securement

Innovative Insulation Securement

Clever engineering meets maximum design flexibility for thermal insulation securement with our patented ROCKETStick®. It is compatible with all insulation types.

Rainscreen Approach

Rainscreen Approach

Our products provide added Air & Moisture Ventilation which facilitates the purposeful regulation of moisture content, reducing the risk of water damage, rot, and mold.

Sustainable Performance

Sustainable Performance

Our clip and rail system is made to support any cladding material while offering energy efficiency and customizable adjustability.

Versatile and Effective Solutions

Versatile and Effective Solutions

Cladiator offers Architects & Engineers an adaptable solution, while Installers benefit from intuitive components for safer, faster, and cost-effective project completion.

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Cladding Support & Accessories

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Case Studies

625 Fulton Street

625 Fulton Street by FRW Fischer Rasmussen Whitefield Architects

9 photos

69 Adams Street

69 Adams Street by FRW Fischer Rasmussen Whitefield Architects

5 photos

Carmalt PreK-8

Carmalt PreK-8 by Moshier Studio

9 photos

Helen Plum Library

Helen Plum Library by Engberg Anderson Architects

5 photos

Turken House

Turken House by Perkins&Will

4 photos

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About Cladiator

With over 30+ years of experience installing distinctive high-rise facades throughout the United States, CLADIATOR® entered the national building facade market in 2018 (then under the brand name CL-TALON) with a new class of cladding support systems that have raised industry expectations. These smart, quality engineered systems offer architects maximum design flexibility and engineers one universal solution to suit all types of materials and installation orientations. Equally as important, installers are provided with a safe, quick and accurate installation method for multiple applications.

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