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PLAZIT-POLYGAL, A PLASKOLITE COMPANY, pioneer, and world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of polycarbonate, thermoplastic, and profiles, with experience of more than 45 years. PLAZIT-POLYGAL creates a pathway to success that combines innovation, quality, and service. PLAZIT-POLYGAL has earned a reputation in its field thanks to uncompromising quality and innovation, maintains close contact with the market, and provides services in more than 60 countries. It operates international subsidiaries and marketing and distribution centers around the world.
Andre Baros

Andre Baros

Licensed Architect, AIA

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100% Quality

It does not matter whether the quality problem is entirely under our control or depends on an external supplier. By means of stringent and structured work procedures, we ensure the proper functioning of all the materials we handle. When working with recycled material we do not compromise on the end product, which is why all the plastic sheets meet Plazit-Polygal’s high standard of quality.

Geometric Tests

Sheet thickness, length, width, and curling are examined. In corrugated sheets, the wave shape obtained is also checked. With respect to MW plastic sheets, we also examine the internal walls, verify that they are complete and that no wall is too thin, which may result in a failure going forward. The geometric indicators are examined during the manufacturing process, as well as after the acclimation period during which the polymer completes the formation processes and the plastic sheet reaches its final dimensions.

Recycled Sheets

Plazit-Polygal Group does not only talk about recycling and circular economy, but takes actual action. Together with ground-breaking steps in recycling, it launches a new product line, based on recycled materials.

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Monogal F

Low Flammability Sheets -PolyC.

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White Oak Music Hall

White Oak Music Hall by Schaum/Shieh Architects

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