Rooftop Snow Retention Solving the Mystery with the Facts

Bo Lotozo

Is heavy snowfall causing headaches on your architectural and construction projects? Worry no more! This free, informative webinar recording is packed with actionable insights to transform you into a snow retention champion.

Mindy Dahlquist, a renowned Product Expert at TRA Snow and Sun, dives deep into the critical world of snow management, equipping you with the knowledge to:

  • Uncover the Hidden Dangers of Heavy Snow on Roofs: Learn how excessive snow accumulation can lead to structural damage, roof avalanches, and safety hazards for people and property below.

  • Become a Snow Retention Savvy: Explore a comprehensive comparison of various snow retention solutions, empowering you to select the most effective system for each project.

  • Harness the Power of Modern Snow Retention Systems: Discover the latest advancements in snow retention technology, designed to safely and efficiently hold snow in place until it melts naturally.

  • Engineer Snow Retention Like a Pro: Gain in-depth knowledge on designing and installing snow retention devices and layouts to meet specific roof designs and snow load requirements.

Say Goodbye to Ice Dams Forever: Master effective strategies to eliminate ice dams, those pesky buildups that can cause leaks and further damage.

Don't let winter slow you down! This valuable webinar recording is your key to mastering snow retention and ensuring the safety and integrity of your projects throughout the coldest months.

*Note: Watching this recording will not allow you to earn CEU credits. Learning credits are provided for attendance of live sessions only.

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