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Fire Resist Barritech NP60

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Fire Resist Barritech NP60

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Vapor Retarder (Class I) Vapor Retarder (Class I)

Fluid or Spray Applied Fluid or Spray Applied

Proprietary Material Proprietary Material

Ceiling, Sloped Roof, Wall Ceiling, Sloped Roof, Wall

Concrete, Masonry Concrete, Masonry

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Product Description

Fire Resist Barritech NP60 is a synthetic polymer, non-asphalt air/vapor barrier membrane. The product is applied to concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall surfaces in cavity wall construction. Fire Resist Barritech NP60 is a one-part, air-drying product that is spray-applied at a nominal 0.060" (60-mil) dry thickness.





Standard Sizes: 0"

Sheet Length


Sheet Width


Manufacturer Design Notes

Fire Resist Barritech NP60 functions as an air barrier, vapor barrier and water-resistive barrier. The extra-high film thickness makes Fire Resist Barritech NP60 ideal for application over CMU surfaces.

Performance Data

Product Weight Per Area

Roll Tensile Strength

Weight needed to break the roll, per inch of width

Water Vapor Transmission

An imperial perm is defined as 1 grain of water vapor per hour, per square foot, per inch of mercury

perm (imperial)


Minimum Application Temperature

Minimum temperature that the product can be applied or installed



Air Permeance

Rate of airflow through the barrier per square foot at a specified pressure difference

cfm /ft^2 @ 1.57 psf


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