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Fiberweb 100 Vapor Barrier

Clark Hammerbeam Corporation, FIBERWEB Div.

Fiberweb 100 Vapor Barrier

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Vapor Retarder (Class I) Vapor Retarder (Class I)

Mechanically Attached Mechanically Attached

Polymer Polymer

Ceiling, Sloped Roof, Wall Ceiling, Sloped Roof, Wall

Concrete, Masonry Concrete, Masonry

Design Options

Product Description

Fiberweb 100 is a permanent metal composite vapor barrier membrane that will not need replacing since it is not degradable in its application. It is ideal for today’s energy-efficient structures. Highly insulated walls and ceilings require a vapor barrier that will protect against moisture condensation in wall and ceiling spaces. Proper insulation will prevent both mold and mildew growth.

Sheet Width


Standard Sizes: 3' 0", 6' 0", 9' 0"



Sheet Length



Standard Sizes: 25' 0"




Manufacturer Design Notes

Fiberweb 100 will remain flexible and strong even at extreme temperatures of -100° F.

Performance Data

Air Permeance

Rate of airflow through the barrier per square foot at a specified pressure difference

Product Weight Per Area

Water Vapor Transmission

An imperial perm is defined as 1 grain of water vapor per hour, per square foot, per inch of mercury

perm (imperial)


Roll Tensile Strength

Weight needed to break the roll, per inch of width

lbs / in


Minimum Temperature Rating

The lowest temperature that the product has been confirmed to still function at.



Clark Hammerbeam Corporation, FIBERWEB Div.

P.O. Box 381, 866 Washington St. Dedham 2027