Tnemec Company Inc. Endura-Shield Polyurethane

  • Types
    Concrete & Masonry Coatings, Galvanized Steel Coatings, Structural Steel & AESS Coatings
  • Material
  • Type
    High Performance Coating
Jennifer Gleisberg

Jennifer Gleisberg

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Product Description

Endura-Shield polyurethane coatings from Tnemec provide UV protection to a wide variety of structures across multiple environments and climates. With a UV inhibitor package as part of their standard formulations, this topcoat can extend aesthetic performance and maintain long-term durability, while still remaining VOC compliant in every air district. Endura-Shield is available in eggshell (1096), semi-gloss (1095) and gloss (1094) finishes, and in any standard Tnemec color. The Endura-Shield polyurethanes offer all the versatility of other topcoats in the Tnemec lineup and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates in combination with a long list of primers, including zinc-rich urethanes and waterborne epoxy primers.

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