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Tion Cladding Systems is high-performance cladding attachment system that advances rainscreen cladding assembly installation. The patented technology allows installers to plumb, plane, and align cladding panels after they are placed on the wall ensuring a perfect finished product.  Tion's product line is designed to work with all cladding types: Natural Stone, Fabricated Stone, Stainless Steel, GFRC, Porcelain, Fabricated Cement, PV Solar, and others. 

Tion works closely with architects and the construction team and provides a full-service installation package with stamped engineered shop drawings for all clients.  Tion's approach is to simplify façade design from concept to installation ensuring time savings, lower associated expenses, and a shorted construction timeline.  No other system on the market can provide the results of Tion Cladding Systems.
Benjamin Horn

Benjamin Horn

Global Sales Director

Architectural and Design Flexibility

Architectural and Design Flexibility

Tion offers interior and exterior cladding support options. Our multi-point adjustable exterior product is designed too support continuous insulation/rain-screen applications. Depending on the application, our system can work with all cladding options: Natural Stone, Fabricated Stone, Stainless Steel, GFRC, Porcelain, Fabricated Cement and others. Tion has partnered with architects, installers, panel suppliers, and general contractors to install our products around the world.

BIPV facade solutions

BIPV facade solutions

Tion’s adjustable hanger is the ideal attachment system for PV facades. Our panel attachment systems can work with all types of solar panels. In addition, the hanger allows for non-progressive installations and provides the ability to perform maintenance and replacement in the future on any panel without affecting neighboring panels.

Fast and Precise Installation

Fast and Precise Installation

With the simple turn of a wrench, you can adjust our facade panel hangers on 3 axes. The system allows installers to adjust for inconsistencies in the substrate and panel alignment across three axis, enabling the finished product to be perfectly aligned with neighboring panels. Time-saving and precise.

Product & Service Performance

Product & Service Performance

All Tion products are engineered to exceed industry standards for safety and reliability. Each project follows an internal design process. Project shop drawings are reviewed and stamped by an independent engineer insuring that from the substrate to the panel are compatible and reliable for all site conditions.

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Tion Cladding Systems

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About Tion Cladding Systems

Tion Cladding Systems has partnered with architects, installers, panel suppliers, and general contractors to install their products around the world. They have worked on various projects such as the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Golden State Warriors stadium in San Francisco and the Apple Mall in Dubai.  Tion Cladding manufactures a mechanically adjustable cladding support system. Tion's patented hanger allows for multiple-point adjustments to a façade during and after installation.  The simple and fast adjustability of the Tion System allows for more flexibility in architectural design while being more cost-efficient and safer to work with when compared to other cladding systems. Tion's products are ideal for new construction or giving the existing build environment a more energy efficient solution with and model look. 

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